Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No time for blogs and tears..where'd a year and half go?

Alex is in Seoul, S.Korea now (since May of last year). It hardly seems possible that a year and a half have gone by that fast. I started a new job last year, kept myself occupied, signed up for Skype, so we could web-conference and learned some new skills for work. I've been busy. Life is busy...but my son will be home soon (February for a visit, and then moving back stateside in approx. June of this year.) Found out Alex's new station will be Ft.Bragg, NC. Sad that he is still going to be so far away, but happy he will be near his dad -near Charlotte, anyway. Good times!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In the Army now... Private Waldroop

Alex flew out this morning. He's probably still in the air, I would imagine. It's at least a 5 hour flight if going direct to South Carolina. I am sure it will be a hot summer for him. I am a bit melancholy but I'm doing fine. It sure is quiet around here! WOW!

I've got school starting up for my next block of classes coming up Monday, so I have a lot to do to prepare for that. It will be good to stay busy. I need to get my calendar filled up with shows (Pampered Chef) and start making up for lost time. I have been too preoccupied with all this other stuff going on. Jobsearching still... Megan's wedding in 2 weeks (1-1/2 weeks actually)..ahhhhHHHHHH!!!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is it - the real thing - Alex Shippinng Out

WELL... Here it is - Shipping Day and still no tears. Not really a goodbye - just a 'goodluck and call me sometime when you get there'. It could be two to three weeks before we get a letter or email. Not sure how that all works yet. Alex has one of his friends 'managing' his blogs and keeping them up to date. I hope I actually hear from my son directly.

It was a bit of a drag sitting around the MEPS office for what seemed like 5 hours only to be told to go home - no point in dragging it out. It hurt my feelings a little but I think Alex is pretty much trying to prove he's 'the man' now and doesn't need Mommy anymore. Not for now. I know that is okay and he will want my input again someday. Doesn't really matter that none of my offered tidbits of advice or my spare change really was appreciated nor received well either. It's okay, really. No tears, not yet.. Still in denial I think.

It was a sad day all around though - we were watching Michael Jackson's memorial service live on TV at the MEPS center. All the famous speakers and entertainers that were there at short notice to pay tribute to the legendary popstar. Something like 8,000 people in a sports stadium and all were dead-silent for nearly 5 full minutes paying tribute to the 'king of pop'.

Monday, July 6, 2009

No tears means I didn't say farewell - pinch me please!

Somebody pinch me --please. The reality has not even set in yet and I am still in denial. I dropped Alex off at the recruiter's office and now is time to do the final checkup at MEPS - one more day and he is off to Basic. I am not crying. Not even close. It does not feel real. Yet.

Tomorrow morning, I meet Alex up in Seattle at MEPS for his official swearing in ceremony. Maybe I will cry then. Poor Alex - I hope not. He already thinks I'm a big soppy mess for being such a "Mom" with all my questions and every time I want to know something I get the rolled eye protest from my son. Perhaps I AM being too much of a "Mom". Perhaps.