Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is it - the real thing - Alex Shippinng Out

WELL... Here it is - Shipping Day and still no tears. Not really a goodbye - just a 'goodluck and call me sometime when you get there'. It could be two to three weeks before we get a letter or email. Not sure how that all works yet. Alex has one of his friends 'managing' his blogs and keeping them up to date. I hope I actually hear from my son directly.

It was a bit of a drag sitting around the MEPS office for what seemed like 5 hours only to be told to go home - no point in dragging it out. It hurt my feelings a little but I think Alex is pretty much trying to prove he's 'the man' now and doesn't need Mommy anymore. Not for now. I know that is okay and he will want my input again someday. Doesn't really matter that none of my offered tidbits of advice or my spare change really was appreciated nor received well either. It's okay, really. No tears, not yet.. Still in denial I think.

It was a sad day all around though - we were watching Michael Jackson's memorial service live on TV at the MEPS center. All the famous speakers and entertainers that were there at short notice to pay tribute to the legendary popstar. Something like 8,000 people in a sports stadium and all were dead-silent for nearly 5 full minutes paying tribute to the 'king of pop'.

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  1. Ok -I know it's not really cool to comment on your own blog, but I just thought I would add one thing. Although this probably sounds like I'm depressed, I really am not. Truly. It's just deep reflection, mixed with a bit of trepidation of the coming empty-nest syndrome I will soon be feeling. I know that others can relate. I thought I would share what was on my mind - as neurotic as I know I sound right now. It's good for me to get it off my mindspace and onto the webspace. It helps -really.